June 14, 2016


I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight.  Honestly, I thought you smelled terrible.  Altogether, we spent two rocky years together, filled with long walks, late nights and disappointment.   In the end you broke my heart.  You broke me....

June 14, 2016

Time, I think I’ll ignore it for while

Take a few days to stare at the wall

Be a tourist in my home

And take my meals sitting down

June 14, 2016

Little Moments

They’re little moments but they tell the whole story.

If you pay close attention you see them everywhere.  They don’t last longer than a few heartbeats.  A sideways glance if she’s interested; a slight role of the eyes if she isn’t.  He pulls his shoulders...

April 1, 2016

The 2015 NFL season was dominated by Deflategate. It was football's version of the Austin-McMahon feud (if half the country hated Stone Cold) and was supposed to culminate with Tom Brady giving the evil commissioner a stunner on the Super Bowl winner’s podium. Instead,...

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